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Airchamber by Air Flow

The corrosion caused by hidden moisture and constant condensation can kill your car. It will do so, quite literally, unless you store your vehicle within a controlled micro-environment. We have tested the full range of bubbles, pods and chambers on the market. As a result we only use, recommend and supply Airchamber by Air Flow.

Airchamber works by circulating 50,000 litres of clean air per hour throughout the storage cell, whilst electrostatic filters trap even the smallest airborne particles. In these conditions a rain soaked car is dried quickly - the breeze created by the air flow causing rapid evaporation, just like hanging your car out to dry on a washing line. Evaporated moisture within Airchamber is then allowed to escape with the air flow exiting through the vents and closed zips. Replenished by clean, filtered air from the fans, the environment always remains fresh as well as condensation-free (because rapid changes in temperature are prevented). With a virtually moisture-free atmosphere, rust and mould simply cannot develop. Airchamber simultaneously ensures the air retains a desirable level of water vapour, vital in protecting the qualities of natural materials such as wood, leather and rubber.

Key features and benefits

  • Easy to erect, economical to run and simple to use.
  • Rigid internal frame allows drive-in and drive-out daily use.
  • Twin fans force up to 50,000 litres per hour of clean, filtered air across every vehicle surface evaporating moisture whilst preventing condensation and rust. The durable 12 volt brushless motors have the power and efficiency to rapidly dry a damp vehicle.
  • Hi-tech static trap filtration system removes all abrasive particulate matter from the atmosphere ensuring the vehicle remains in pristine condition.
  • High quality lightweight synthetic resin materials are ultra violet protective, anti-static, flame resistant and tested to temperatures as low as -25°C. The material filters out harmful ultra violet light and eliminates rapid changes in air temperature that would otherwise promote the formation of damp, mildew and mould.
  • Highly durable nylon-plastic weave base sheet is fuel, oil and brake fluid repellent.
  • Creates an exoskeleton to ensure nothing contacts your car, negating the risk of scratches associated with the application/removal of car covers and providing a vital last line of defence against dust, fallout, bird droppings and accidental damage.
Prices range from £425 to £599 including VAT + P&P depending upon size. Make an enquiry