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Secure car storage in the Midlands

Professional car storage demands a controlled environment that is secure, dry, clean, stable and well organised. Our commitment to provide first class facilities is a given when you place your car with Ecurie Esprit. We are centrally located in the Midlands for easy access to the whole of the UK.

Controlled Conditions

Sealed Facility

  • Brick buildings with epoxy resin painted concrete floors and steel doors effectively seal our facilities from the outside elements.

Stable Environment

  • Air chambers provide vehicles with a stable micro-environment.
  • 50,000 litres of filtered air circulate through each cell every day removing unwanted levels of moisture and condensation that would otherwise promote corrosion.
  • The isolation of each chamber guarantees constant conditions even when a facility door is opened and provides a valuable exoskeleton to ensure nothing touches your car.

Clean Facility

  • Scrubbing and drying machines keep our floors dust free and spotlessly clean.  
  • Hot pressure washer, filtration and waste water capture systems ensure effective cleaning of vehicles in an environmentally compatible manner.

Organised Environment

  • Everything in its own place.
  • Allocated storage bays, dedicated electrical outlets and continuous connection to battery conditioners.
  • In our opinion, people who care about good service usually care about good organisation too.

Visiting clients are also assured of ample parking facilities, a welcoming office and reception space and complimentary Wi-Fi and refreshments.