Superlative car storage for investors, collectors & enthusiasts
European collection & delivery
Multi-stage induction
Thorough inspection process
Active maintenance philosophy

Indoor car storage facility

Our system has been developed to take care of your entire car storage journey.

Collection & Delivery

Our state of the art covered vehicle transporter collects your car anywhere in Europe and delivers directly to our storage facility, remaining in our care and control at all times.

Multi-stage Induction

Our multi-stage induction process thoroughly prepares your car for storage, ensuring it remains in the best possible condition from the moment we assume custody before installation to our secure and insured facility.

Active Maintenance

Our active maintenance regime involves daily, weekly and monthly procedures to keep your vehicle in pristine condition and ready for use all year round. We inspect the storage area and contents every day. We check the battery conditioners  and air chambers every week as well as the drip trays for any signs of fluid loss. Every other week we rotate the wheels to mitigate tyre and wheel bearing flat spots and every month we start the engine and run to operating temperature. Every other month we exercise your car, verify the mechanical and ancillary functions, check fluid levels and tyre pressures and record all gauge readings. We also offer a range of detailing and care services to address all aspects of your vehicle's appearance and condition.

Easy Access & Use

We encourage customers to enjoy their cars during the storage term. Whether you require access from the storage facility itself or need delivery and collection to a location of your choice, we will check and prepare your car before and after every usage event. Each time you use your car we wipe down, check fluid levels, polish glass, dress tyres and reset pressures prior to use. Upon your return we repeat our induction check-in procedure before reinstallation to storage.

Storage Removal

At the end of the storage term we check and prepare your car and documentation before a final handover. You instruct us where the transfer of custody takes place – at our storage facility, delivered to any European location or in conjunction with a freight forwarder for export further afield.