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We can look after all your trim care needs from deep cleaning and interior protection, to repairs and refurbishments, re-colouring, re-trimming and anything in between. We can even restore or replace cabriolet roofs and tonneau covers.


Our ‘cleanse, condition and protect’ service starts with the deep cleaning of your seats, carpets, over-mats, roof lining, dash and door trims to remove contaminants and create a bondable surface for the conditioning and protection stages.

We feed and nourish your leather upholstery with an infused conditioner to help mitigate the effects of drying out, cracking and peeling over time.

The application of fabric and leather protection formulas help form a barrier to repel stains, reduce abrasion damage, inhibit the effects of fading associated with ultra-violet light and enable easier future cleaning of the treated material.


In the event of isolated issues, minor upholstery repairs can be undertaken to remedy side bolster damage, scratches, scuffs, burns, holes, tears and stains.


When a fuller restoration is required we can arrange for the professional refurbishment and re-colouring of your leatherwork.

After thoroughly cleaning and removing all manufactured surface finishes, repairs are made to any problem areas before two layers of colour matched coating are applied. A top coat of lacquer is then used to seal the colour in, enhance the surface texture and protect resistance of the treated material against wear and tear.


If the leather of your car is beyond restoration we can arrange for the delivery of a professional re-trimming service.

Whether a partial or full re-trim is required, panels and seats can be re-padded and colour matched for an appearance which blends in with the rest of the leather in your car.


With direct exposure to the elements convertible roofs are highly susceptible to contaminants and fading over time.

Our restoration and re-colouring service thoroughly cleans the material with a fabric cleaner for the removal of contaminants, before treating the surface with an agent which eliminates mould spores. Several coats of water based colourant are then applied to deeply penetrate fibres of the roof material.

Finally a high quality fabric protector is used to help form a barrier against dirt, stains and fading and assist with future ease of cleaning and maintenance.

In the event your convertible hood or tonneau cover is beyond restoration we are happy to help with the supply and fitment of complete replacement units.

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