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We can look after all your glass care needs from the application of protective glass sealants to smart repairs, privacy tinting, full replacement windscreens and anything in between.


Our ‘clean and seal’ service starts with the decontamination and polishing of your glasswork to create a clean and bondable surface. Next we apply a super hydrophobic (or ‘water fearing’) nano-glass ceramic sealant which repels rainwater and surface spray to offer improved comfort and safety with incredible clarity of vision.

As a finishing touch, depending on their age and condition we can also take care of sourcing and fitting replacement wiper blades.


As well as being unsightly windscreen chips may impair your vision and be attributable to an MOT failure. Over time they may lead to the formation of larger cracks and ultimately a failure of the screen itself. Before this happens it may be possible to recover the screen condition with a smart repair.

Through the high pressure injection of a hard clear poly-resin compound into the chip, the affected area of your screen can be fully sealed and repaired with a virtually undetectable result.


If your windscreen is damaged to such an extent that it cannot be repaired, Ecurie Esprit can manage the process of sourcing and fitment of a suitable replacement unit.


We can also arrange for the specialist fitment of window tinting films to the rear and side rear windows of your vehicle for the following features and benefits:

  • Style: The appearance of your car is aesthetically enhanced.
  • Comfort: Occupants are shielded from direct sunlight with reduced glare/eye strain and interior temperatures are reduced.
  • Efficiency: Lower cabin temperatures reduce demands on the air conditioning system with its associated fuel saving benefits.
  • Protection: Greater protection for the interior from ultra-violet rays assists in the prevention of fabric and leather upholstery fading.
  • Security: Reduced visibility from prying eyes of contents and possessions in rear compartments.
  • Privacy: Rear occupants enjoy greater obscurity from nearby onlookers.

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