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Ultimate drip tray by Air Flow

This drip tray is unique - it's the only one we've found capable of protecting the floor under the engine and gearbox of most vehicles. This prevents unsightly permanent stains or slippery and dangerous puddles of oil or any other engine fluids. More importantly for our customers it is an invaluable aid in detecting any underbody fluid loss as part of our wider preventative maintenance regime.

The Ultimate Drip Tray is made of galvanised steel with a 1cm high rolled wire edge which eliminates any sharp edges. It is also completely rust-proof, so it will never look unsightly when placed under even the most exotic machinery.

Ultimate-drip-tray-3327 The shape and size makes it easy to slide between the front or rear wheels of a vehicle and the rolled edge ensures it remains flat at all times.

Dimensions:  119.4cm x 63.5cm

£19.99 including VAT + P&P.

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