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3 bucket system

The process of washing your car is widely acknowledged to be the most common single cause of paintwork damage. The irony of this unintended consequence being that in undertaking to wash a car the owner is setting out to improve its appearance.

This unwitting damage is caused by rinsing contaminants (particles of grit and dirt) from a wash mitt into the same bucket containing the suds being loaded to the mitt for cleaning of the vehicle.  This damage is compounded each time the wash mitt is rinsed as more and more contaminants from the vehicle become suspended in the water being used.

Our wash bucket system takes the recognised best practise of washing your car - the two bucket method – then adds a third bucket for the added containment of your wheel brushes.

The principle of the two bucket system is based on the discipline of rinsing your wash mitt in a separate water container every time before reloading the mitt with suds from the washing container for application to the vehicle. In this way the contaminants collected in the wash mitt from the bodywork are less likely to be reintroduced to the paintwork which in turn reduces the likelihood of scratching, swirling and marring.

Further protection is provided by the use of removable grit guards in the base of each container. The holes in the grit guard allow particles to sink beneath and become separated from the water above, further reducing the possibility of those contaminants being reintroduced to the paintwork via the wash mitt.

Each of our buckets are fitted with grit guards and gamma seal lids. The lids form a water tight seal eliminating spillages during carrying or transporting and ensure that no external contaminants enter the container before or after the wash process itself.

Each container is strong, durable, hard wearing and big enough to hold 19 litres of water. We also love their semi-translucence which allows the user to easily determine the waterline from a distance – useful when leaving to fill whilst performing another task.


System Contains

  • x3 white 19 litre Ecurie Esprit ultimate wash buckets (wash / rinse / brush).
  • x3 black grit guards.
  • x3 black gamma seal lids.

£150 + VAT + P&P
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