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Wheels and tyres

We can look after all your wheel and tyre care needs from the application of protective wheel sealants to smart repairs, full professional refurbishments and anything in between. We can even organise replacement tyres, wheel balancing and four wheel alignments.


Our ‘clean and seal’ service starts with the removal of your wheels for deep cleansing. This treatment includes the application of an iron removing agent and clay barring process for the banishment of contaminants and brake dust deposits. Layers of carnauba wax and nano-sealant are then applied to protect your wheel from re-contamination and ensure ease of future cleaning.


In some cases, minor wheel damages can be resolved by bringing a smart repair specialist onto site. The term ‘smart’ refers to ‘small medium area repair technique’and may be an appropriate option for some clients seeking an expedient cost effective solution for minor cosmetic damage and blemishes.


In most cases Ecurie Esprit recommends a full professional refurbishment over a smart repair. An all-over refurbishment involves more thorough preparation, comprehensively stripping all prior layers and completely re-coating for a tougher, longer lasting finish. The process returns your alloys to their as new condition for a fraction of the cost of new replacement wheels.

You can choose to restore your alloys to their original factory appearance or customise them with a colour of your choice.

Our refurbishment specialist can deal with most types of damage and most types of wheels (including polished alloys and split rims). The service can deal with surface scuffs and kerb damage, chipped edges, buckle and flat spot straightening, corrosion, fractures, cracks and blistering paint.


  • Induction: Tyres, centre caps, valves and balancing weights removed.
  • Inspection: Flat spots, buckles and cracks checked and identified.
  • Preparation: Debris scotched, chemically stripped, washed clean, damage repaired and surface finally prepared.
  • Application: Primer powder coated, colour coating applied, top coating powder lacquered and fully cured in oven for a durable finish.
  • Fitment: Valves and tyres fitted, wheels balanced and refitted to manufacturer's recommended torque specification.

For wheels that require a machine polished appearance a computer numerically controlled (CNC) diamond cutting machine service is also available. This state of the art machine, uses a lathe fitted with a diamond tipped  blade to shave off minute layers of material from the face of the wheel. This process erases imperfections before a top lacquer coat is applied and oven baked for a perfect finish.


Active tyre management is prudent – they are the only things that connect your car to the road. In addition to the best practice preservation and maintenance techniques we apply during a vehicle's storage term we are also here to help if you require assistance with the supply, fitment and balancing of replacement tyres.

Wheels and tyres will invariably possess weight imbalances even when new. These imperfections, however small, can amplify to cause unpleasant vibrations and irregular excessive wear when rotating at speed. Equalising the weight of the combined tyre and wheel through machine balancing ensures a smooth rotation at high speed and delivers more favourable wear characteristics.


The alignment of your wheels will constantly evolve over time. Kerb swipes, pothole strikes and the natural wear and ageing process of steering and suspension components will see to that. Imperfect alignment can result in rapid irregular tyre wear, impaired handling characteristics and an off-centre steering wheel.

To help mitigate these affects we can assist you by managing periodic inspections of your vehicle's toe, camber and caster angles using state of the art 3D camera 4-wheel alignment technology at regular intervals.

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