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Multi-stage induction
Thorough inspection process
Active maintenance philosophy

Preparation is key

Each vehicle receives a thorough multi-stage preparation treatment upon arrival.

Vehicle Appraisal

For your peace of mind we inspect and document the mileage and condition of your car and retain all records in the vehicle storage history file.

Identity Assignment

We allocate a unique asset number to your car which is cross referenced to the history file, vehicle number block and storage key tag.

Exterior Pre-wash

We carefully pre-wash your car to agitate and remove primary surface contaminants that might introduce scratches during the hand wash stage. For this we use our hot water pressure cleaner and a safe pH neutral citrus pre-wash solution to ensure any existing protective waxes or sealants are not removed.

Deep Wheel Clean

Next we concentrate on your car's alloy wheels. We thoroughly cleanse the front wheel faces, spokes, lugs and inner rims using a selection of specialist detailing brushes for those hard to reach places and a safe pH neutral wheel cleaning solution to prevent damage to lacquers.

Hand Wash & Dry

A best practice two bucket hand wash using our specialist buckets equipped with grit guard baffles, 100% lambswool mitts and a safe alkaline based detailing shampoo. This method, followed by hand drying with a deep pile microfibre towel is the safest way to wash and dry your car.

Interior Clean & Protection

We vacuum your carpets, seats and vehicle overmats, before cleaning and dressing the dash and trim and finish by polishing all interior glasswork. Once complete we then apply a cover pack to protect the seat, floor and steering wheel from any contaminants.

Tyre Management

Tyres are dressed with a rubber preserver and then over-inflated to 50psi to mitigate flat spotting. We also take the opportunity to inspect and record tread depths so we may advise you in the event tyre wear is approaching the legal limit.

Under Bonnet Inspection

Fluid levels are checked, recorded and if necessary corrected.  We check the anti-freeze concentration with a refractometer in case coolant has been topped up and diluted over the years which reduces its strength to protect against freezing conditions. We perform the same test to your screenwash solution.

Then we use our battery and electrical system analyser to check and record conductance, cranking and charging performance for any early warning signs of an imminent battery or alternator related problem.


Your car is then left for 24 hours to acclimatise in a controlled environment before we run to operating temperature and cycle the brakes to remove flash rust resulting from the vehicle wash process.


We then install your car into a dedicated storage bay, leaving the window aperture open to allow the interior to breathe with the handbrake disengaged to prevent brakes from binding.


Your vehicle's air chamber is then sealed to maintain a controlled micro-environment, a CTEK charger/conditioner is connected to prevent battery depletion and a large drip tray is positioned underneath to monitor any fluid losses.

Overview of our multi-stage vehicle storage induction process

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